Thursday, January 28, 2016


Gear up for winter driving…...

Winter car care is essential in keeping your vehicle protected from snow, ice, and plummeting temperatures. Winter presents some major challenges for your vehicle. Minor problems during warmer months typically grow worse in winter months. Cold temperatures cause rubber seals and tires to become dry and stiff, road salt threatens the paint, and ice clouds your windshield. Just as you dress yourself in extra layers and winterize your house to protect it from the cold, your car needs extra preparation to make it through the winter as well. There's no getting around winter instead of dreading it, prepare for it.
Check the following:
  • Battery, antifreeze coolant level, engine thermostat, heater, brakes, and defroster.
  • Make a visual inspection of your vehicle's lights. Don’t forget the car's flashing hazard lights.
  • Inspect tires for adequate tread. If you plan on purchasing snow tires keep in mind here in the northeast snow tire are available in limited quantizes. Most tire distributors have depleted their inventory by December 1st.
  • Check wiper blades and spray nozzles of your windshield-washer system. Winter wiper blades do a much better job of cut through snow and ice.
Road salt commonly used during winter is corrosive causing damage your car's paint and underbody components. Frequent car washes during winter months and coat of fresh wax will go a long way in preventing corrosion.